We provide businesses and professionals financial clarity and control through proactive solutions that maximize profits and minimizes taxes.

What We Believe

The Success of Your Business is Our Business.

Integrity - We subscribe to the highest ethical standards, follow through on our promises, tell our clients the truth, and do what is in their best interest at all times.

Collaboration - We believe in establishing complementary client relationships built on mutual understanding and cooperation. We work proactively with our clients as a team to yield a high return on their investment.

Accuracy - We provide our clients with precise and correct answers every time, providing them with data and information they can trust.

Responsiveness - We strive to understand and respond quickly to the needs of our clients, earning their trust by communicating with and serving them in a timely manner.

Innovation - We solve problems with creativity thinking and ingenuity, utilizing new technologies to provide effective and efficient service to our clients.

Our Culture

It is really the people that make up our firm. Our staff and our clients are everything, and when given the opportunity to collaborate, we immediately see new ideas, and new objectives. Ultimately, problems are solved.

We make it our priority to be a warm and friendly office year-round, especially during tax season. If there is one thing we wish to convey, it is how we are here for the best interest of our clients and the success of their business. If we are not at work, we are out in our communities serving a great cause and delivering answers to our community groups we are actively involved in each year.

Meet our team

Angelo Ceko

Denise A. Will, CPA

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Anna M. Sciandra

Firm Administrator

Female staff silhouette

Michelle R. Roberts

Staff Accountant